11 Best Freebies When You Travel

November 27, 2012

Travel AlaskaDo you like to get things for free when you travel? I know that I do. In fact, I’ve come to assume that there will be complimentary things like free Wi-Fi in the airports and hotels I visit when I’m on the road. And when I have to pay for these assumed conveniences, I’m mad.

I’m not the only traveler who likes to get things for free. GO Airport Express, which provides airport shuttles to and from O’Hare International Airport and  Midway Airport, polled travelers nationwide about what their favorite and best freebies are.

For starters most travelers like to get free breakfast when they have to stay at a hotel. This doesn’t surprise me since, a couple of years ago, I rewrote a popular travel website’s content, and the hotel reviews that topped the list on this site were the places that offered free breakfast. I mean, free coffee in your room is great, but a free full breakfast is an even better way to start the day!

Next favorite freebie? Free WiFi. No surprise there. My one pet peeve though? When you can get free WiFi in the hotel lobby but not in your room. What’s that all about?

Other travel-related free giveaways that top the list?

  • Free transportation
  • Free in-room coffee and tea
  • Free health club use
  • Free newspaper
  • Free happy hour
  • Free cookies and other snacks
  • Free umbrella use
  • Free bathrobes
  • Free bicycles

I would think that free printing–as in free use of the business office to print out your boarding pass–would have been a top priority as well, especially for frequent business travelers. However, I guess in this day and age when more people can show their boarding pass on a smartphone, this amenity may end up being less valuable.

Again, from the aforementioned corporate project, I know that travelers also like free phone calls. Free landline calls–yeah, that seems crazy when we all have cellphones. But if you need to make a quick call and don’t want to bother with your cell, wouldn’t it be nice to just pick up the room phone, make the call, and not have to worry about crazy charges when you check out?

What are some of the best freebies and your favorite freebies when you hit the road?

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