11 Ways You Know You Were Raised By a Frugal Parent

August 22, 2012

Recently, the Wisebread blog had a post called “30 Signs That You Were Raised By Frugal Parents.” While I read that post and found myself nodding my head in agreement with many of the “signs,” after I was done reading, I thought, “Hey, there’s more!”

So I came up with 11 more ways that you know you were raised by a frugal parent.

  1. You purchased dinnerware, cutlery, pots and pans through frequent buyer points at the supermarket.
  2. You had to save every label and UPC code for refunding.
  3. You had at least one article of clothing in your closet, per season, that came from a house of worship rummage or yard sale.
  4. You grew vegetables in your yard.
  5. You walked places within a mile of home to save gas.
  6. You packed a picnic lunch to take to the beach rather than stopping at the deli on the way or, gasp, the concession stand when you got there.
  7. You collected and returned all bottles to get the deposit back.
  8. You never paid for fireplace wood; you gathered it from the yard.
  9. You reused every plastic bag, newspaper sleeve, and padded envelope to line trash cans, pick up after the dog, or mail something to someone else.
  10. You didn’t have central air conditioning because an attic fan was cheaper.
  11. You never purchased rags or bought paper towels. You would cut up old t-shirts and bath towels to repurpose them as rags.

Additionally, I discuss 9 living frugal ways in this Home Goes Strong blog post, all inspired by that aforementioned WiseBread story.

Let me know if you also grew up in a frugal household and how that frugality came to fruition.

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2 Responses to 11 Ways You Know You Were Raised By a Frugal Parent

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