Free Coffee at McDonald’s All Week

September 23, 2012

Free coffee at McDonald’s

Next Saturday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day, with many restaurants nationwide giving away free cups of coffee. McDonald’s, however, is getting a head start on that freebie.

Free Premium Small Coffee Week at McDonald’s started on Sunday, September 23rd and is going through Saturday the 29th.

You’ll find this week-long freebie at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the Eastern United States. (Sorry, coffee drinkers, in the South, Midwest, Mountain Region, and West Coast.)

I found a press release that suggested you visit the McDonald’s Facebook page for a complete list of restaurants. However, when I visited that very page I couldn’t find a list. However, if you visit the McDonald’s website for mid-Atlantic restaurants, you’ll see a box on the bottom right of the page that flashes about this free coffee offer. In addition, this article confirms this freebie with a quote from a McDonald’s spokesperson!


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