Two Starbucks Freebies: March 2013

March 13, 2013

You know that I’m all about brewing my coffee at home as a way to save money. I mean, during the Summer of 2012 I visited 15 cities to share my money-saving advice on TV segments in each of those markets–including how to put $500 back in your monthly budget. Of that advice you could recoup more than $200 a month from making your coffee at home.

That said when there are ways to get free coffee out, I tell you about it. And right now there are two Starbucks freebies worth mentioning.

The first I told you about last week in a post about LivingSocial. Here’s what I said:

Do you have a Starbucks gift card in your gift card wallet or regular wallet right now? If you register that card with the Starbucks Loyalty Program, you’ll get a free $5 added to the gift card. Or at least that’s my understanding of the promotion.

This $5 freebie is available through March 14.

First, you need to sign up for LivingSocial, if you haven’t already.

From what I can tell that free $5 offer via LivingSocial is still going on.

Now the second Starbucks freebie just showed up in my in box this morning. It is exclusive at Barnes & Noble, where Starbucks is the exclusive coffee provider in the Barnes & Noble cafe.

If you visit the Barnes & Noble coupon page, you’ll find a coupon for a buy one, get one free Starbucks drink. The catch? The Starbucks freebie is available from store opening to noon only. So you’ll need to get there in the morning to take advantage.

If you normally take your kids to the free story time at Barnes & Noble or like to hop onto the free WiFi to get your work done, then this will work out well for you. Also, this BOGO Starbucks freebie is good through March 31, 2013.

I hope you’ll find a way to take advantage of at least one of these free offers at Starbucks.

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