7 Earth Day 2013 Freebies and Deals

April 18, 2013

Panera Bread is one of seven places nationwide offering Earth Day Freebies for 2013.

You’ve probably heard me say in the past that the very first Earth Day freebies post I did back in 2009 was what convinced me that Suddenly Frugal readers–and many others–were hot on freebies. That post brought the most visitors ever to this blog (though my post earlier this week on Tax Day 2013 freebies was pretty popular in its own right). Nonetheless, that’s why I’ve made it a regular habit of writing posts about themed freebies–in addition, to the weekly Freebie Friday post.

Once again Earth Day is around the corner–it is Monday, April 22nd–and, like Earth Days past, Earth Day 2013 promises to have plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy freebies and deals locally and nationwide.

Here are 7 places you can go to celebrate Earth Day and get something for nothing. Note: unless specified otherwise, all freebies and deals are available on Monday, April 22.

  1. The Disney Store: You can get a free reusable bag from the Disney Store when you bring in five empty plastic bags to be recycled on Earth Day. According to the Disney Store blog, while supplies last you can choose between a free Cars reusable tote bag or a free Brave reusable tote bag.
  2. Kiehl’s: Free-standing Kiehl’s stores offer a “Recycle and Be Rewarded!” program, through which customers may return their empty Kiehl’s bottles, tubes and jars for recycling and be rewarded with free stuff. Every time you return something to be recycled, you get a stamp on your “Recycle and Be Rewarded!” card. Return three items, and you’ll get a free tube of lip balm. Return five items, and you can choose something from the Official Kiehl’s Travel Collection for free. Once you receive your 10th stamp for 10 items returned for recycling, you can choose any single product with a value of $25 or less, excluding Flagship Exclusive Items or charitable products. Keep in mind that this is a program that occurs not only on Earth Day but all year long!
  3. National Parks Service: Starting on Earth Day and going through Friday, April 26, you can enjoy free admission to the more than 400 National Parks in the United States. According to the National Parks Service, there are 268 National Parks that never charge an admission fee.
  4. Panera Bread: Some Panera Bread locations will be giving away free used coffee grounds on Earth Day for you to use in your garden. I’d visited a Panera Bread location in New York City earlier this week and saw the sign on the door, pictured above. It says, “Ask any associate for your free bag of coffee grounds!” I couldn’t tell if it was limited to this location only–the sign seemed to be from corporate, so to speak, so I would recommend asking at your local Panera Bread about this Earth Day giveaway.
  5. Pottery Barn Kids: Bring your kids into a Pottery Barn Kids store April 20-April 22 and ask for your free packet of seeds (while supplies last). Pottery Barn has a goal of getting customers to plant 50,000 trees so that’s a lot of free seeds they will be giving away.
  6. Target: Target stores were one of the first to get into the reusable bag game–giving away millions of them on Earth Day–and for Earth Day 2013 you can expect the same. However, this giveaway will occur on Sunday, April 21, so make a note of that date for when you visit Target. The giveaways begin at 10 a.m. local time. During that time Target will give away 1.5 million reusable bags at stores across the country, as well as sustainable product coupon books that offer over $40 in savings. Of the 1.5 million reusable bags, 250,000 will also contain samples of sustainable products, including method Dish Soap, Annie’s Bunny Grahams, Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent and Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Cream. Bags are while supplies last only. Keep in mind that Target rewards you everyday for bringing a reusable bag when you shop at Target stores–you get five cents off your purchase for bringing your own bag.
  7. Wegmans: Wegmans supermarkets are holding an Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 20, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. In addition to free samples of Wegmans Brand Organic products throughout the store, you’ll also receive more than $10 in free coupons (while supplies last). Plus, the first 300 customers through the door in each Wegmans location who brings in a clean, empty plastic bag for recycling gets a coupon for a free reusable bag from Wegmans.

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