Freebie Friday (Jan 3-9, 2014)

January 3, 2014

freebieWow! The first Freebie Friday post of 2014. Hope that you find these to be some great freebie deals that you can take advantage of in the coming week.

As has been the format since 2013, under each of the categories below–free food, and free stuff–I’ve listed freebies by date, if there is a date attached to the offer or giveaway. Those freebies come first in each category, and then I’ve listed everything else below.

With the newest FTC rules about blogger disclosures, I need to tell you upfront that many of the freebies that I’ve included here have an affiliate link attached to them–meaning I make a small commission.  I’m hoping that this disclosure is good enough for the FTC.


  • Free magazines: Get an OK Magazine subscription for free. You’ll get 52 issues via this free digital subscription.
  • Free magazines: Get a 12-month digital subscription to Shape magazine for free.
  • Free magazines: Sign up for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to American Baby Magazine. Note: You must be pregnant to take advantage of this offer and provide your due date. Acceptable due dates are within 2 months and 9 months of the subscription date.
  • Try Fitness Magazine for 30 Days for Free and get a free $10 iTunes Code (iPad Only).

American Baby Magazine




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