365 Frugality Tips: Breakfast for Dinner

January 23, 2013

Day 23: Year of Renewed Frugality

When my daughter Annie walked through the door tonight, after basketball practice, she asked what she always does when she gets home.

“What’s for dinner?”

When I answered, “Waffles,” she fist pumped the air and, I think, even jumped for joy.

Annie is a teenager so this jumping for joy thing is rare.

The rest of my family was pretty happy with tonight’s dinner choice, too–breakfast for dinner. And I was happy with how little it cost.

By making breakfast for dinner tonight, I was able to use ingredients that I already owned. These were ingredients from my pantry that I had purchased days and weeks ago–in some instances months ago–meaning that there was no immediate out of pocket cost for dinner tonight.

There was another practical reason for having breakfast for dinner–because of breakfast meeting today, I had gotten my schedule out of sync and hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer in preparation for tonight’s dinner. (Yes, I fell slightly off the meal-planning wagon.)

I was tempted to call in a pizza delivery–I mean it is only $20, you know–but then my renewed frugality kicked in and I started thinking, OK, what do I already have on hand and can use for dinner? A quick trip through the pantry and the refrigerator showed plenty of ingredients for making waffles for dinner. I even had real maple syrup from a long-ago trip to Trader’s Joes. Thanks to some leftover blueberries and chocolate chips, I was able to jazz up the waffles with one batch of blueberry and one batch of chocolate chip.

Considering the mercury never got above 15 degrees Fahrenheit here today, having a comfort food dinner of waffles also seemed to be the perfect choice. I don’t know about you, but on a bitter cold day like today, I want warm, comfort food. And since I didn’t have any chili made, waffles was a great–and frugal–option.

Bottom line: if you are trying to recapture your frugality in 2013 and that’s why you’re reading my frugality tips each day, consider the cheap option of breakfast for dinner one night a week. Your family might just like the change of pace, and I know your budget will like its bottom line.

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