Coupons for Weekend Shopping

March 16, 2012

couponsAre you like me and tend to do most of your household shopping on the weekend? If so, then I hope you’ll find these “groupings” of coupons helpful as you shop for personal care products, home care products, and even movie night. All are through, which I provide to you through one of my affiliate networks.

As far as movie night in my house goes, if the movie “The Descendants” is available On Demand this weekend, that’s what we’ll be watching for our movie night! What about you?

* Coupons For Breakfast Products My kids always want me to make them chocolate chip pancakes on weekend mornings. However, if you’re more apt to serve bagels, orange juice and cereal, these coupons will help you save when stocking up on these breakfast necessities.

* Savings On Health & Wellness Items–from Neutrogena to Nature Made vitamins to Nicorette gum, and more!

* Great Savings For Every Woman Hey, Ladies, there are a bunch of high-value coupons that you can use at Walmart.

* Coupons For Lots Of Glade Products to help get your home smelling great!

* Coupons For Personal Care Items–from hand sanitizer to shaving razors

* Save On Movie Night  The coupons are for tons of family-friendly films, from the oldies–“The Sound of Music”–to some new ones–“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”


One Response to Coupons for Weekend Shopping

  1. Chris on March 19, 2012 at 2:26 am

    Thanks for the coupon tips Leah! I also did a bunch of household purchases this weekend. Bought some furniture, bought some home supplies from Target, and stocked up on groceries. I also watched The Descendents with my wife and unfortunately it put me to sleep (maybe because I was watching from bed) but I did finish the next day and thought it was pretty good but not great.

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