Dollar Shave Club: Worth the Money?

September 30, 2013

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There are some things I don’t mind getting a subscription for when that is your best delivery method. Magazines delivered to my mailbox? No problem–they’re actually cheaper that way. A CSA subscription for freshly grown and organic produce once a week? Sure, I’ll make the 20-minute drive to get those fruits and vegetables. But razors? I never thought I would get a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club–well, actually get my husband a subscription to it–but now I’m glad we did.

I’d never heard about the Dollar Shave Club until my friend Amy Buckman of “Saving with 6ABC” did a segment on the program. I trust Amy inherently only to cover topics that are truly worth the time, effort and money saved. So after seeing her segment, I checked out the Dollar Shave Club website and thought, what the heck. Let me sign up.

There are three levels of subscription for this monthly club.

  • You literally can pay only $1 a month to have four new razor heads sent to you on a monthly basis. (You get a free handle with your first subscription order.) This razor is a two-blade head.
  • You can also choose the $6 per month option. This razor has four blades.
  • There is also the $9 per month option. For the most expensive option, you get the most blades–six per head.

Because my husband is hirsute (ready, really hairy and has thick facial hair), I decided to go with the $6 per month option, just to be on the safe side. When we were buying him blade refills at the drugstore for his brand-name razor, we definitely were not paying as little as $2.50 per blade ($6 per month divided by four weeks per month).

Cost-savings aside these blades are really holding up beautifully. In fact, instead of having to dispose of one per week, my husband is finding that the blades can last up to two weeks before they need changing. And there has been absolutely no complaining about the kind of shave he is getting. I think this is his frugal nature, not wanting to dispose of the blades every week–even though there is a fresh blade waiting there for him to use. But hey, it’s not my face. However, here’s what I do know: should I ever need a razor to do my legs, I’ll be stealing one of those blades that he’s been stockpiling, and he’ll never know.

So bottom line: is the Dollar Shave Club worth the money? I would say absolutely so.


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