Extreme Couponing at CVS

November 21, 2011

extreme couponing cvsAs you know from past posts about what I’ve learned from watching “Extreme Couponing and my ability to extreme coupon at CVS, I am a devout CVS shopper. It helps that CVS is the only convenient pharmacy-like store to where I live–within walking distance and around the corner from my daughters’ school.

Last month I shared with you about how I was beginning to build my shampoo and conditioner stockpile, thanks to extreme savings at CVS. Well, those extreme savings are back.

This week CVS has marked down VO5 shampoo and conditioner to $.77 a bottle again–with a limit of 8 bottles per purchase. I happen to have recently earned a $5 Extra Bucks coupon at CVS, thanks to prior beauty purchases. What this means is this: if I’d like to add to my shampoo and conditioner stockpile–and I do–using this week’s VO5 prices, I’ll be able to get 8 bottles of shampoo and conditioner for $1.16 or $.14 per bottle.

Don’t have any Extra Bucks coupons burning a hole in your wallet? You can earn a biggie in one fell swoop this week.

If you spend $75 on iTunes gift cards at CVS, you’ll get $15 in Extra Bucks. There is a limit of one such purchase per household so you can only earn this $15 Extra Bucks once.

Considering I have two teenagers who live and breathe listening to downloaded music, iTunes gift cards were already on their holiday gift list. This sale will allow me to get them at a significant discount.

Note: the CVS sale week is truncated because of Thanksgiving–meaning that you’ve got to shop by Wednesday to get these deals. You can bet I’ll be stocking up on iTunes gift cards, and cheap shampoo and conditioner this week.

What kind of extreme couponing do you think you might do this week at CVS–or have done there in the past?

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