Feedblitz: New Mailing List Service for Suddenly Frugal

December 22, 2012

I just wanted to give my Suddenly Frugal readers a heads up that I am switching mailing list services for subscribers–from Feedburner to Feedblitz.

In the past, Google-owned Feedburner has provided emailed versions of this blog into your in box every day–or every day that I’ve posted a new blog update. Due to some changes within the Google structure, I have decided to migrate this blog to the Feedblitz service.

To be honest I write this blog for free. Feedblitz feeds will now include some small ads that will allow me to bring in a small amount of revenue. Granted, I will now be paying Feedblitz to send out my blog to you–whereas Feedburner was free–but I think in the end this will have been a good decision.

So if you see this blog showing up in your inbox in the next few days from a different address–Feedblitz versus Feedburner–don’t panic. You are not being spammed. I have just changed providers.

Thanks as always for reading Suddenly Frugal, and if you know anyone whose 2013 New Year’s resolutions include being smarter with their money, please ask him/her to subscribe to my blog.

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