Free Chocolate Offer from Lindt

October 10, 2012

free chocolate offerAre there any words more beautiful than “free chocolate”? Well, I guess, “Congratulations, you’ve won the Powerball lottery” would be pretty wonderful as well. Nonetheless, what I’ve got to offer you today is the chance to get free chocolate. Here’s how.

Head over to Facebook and “Like” Lindt chocolate. Once you do you’ll have the opportunity to print out a coupon for a free full-sized bag of Lindt truffles–or six ounces or smaller–worth up to $3.99.

From what I can tell there will be 1 million of these coupons available, which is a pretty generous free offer. The coupon expires the first week of November and who knows how long it will take for 1 million people to sign up. Therefore, don’t delay. I just signed up for mine!

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