Free Red Bull

July 12, 2012
free red bull

Find out how you can get free Red Bull.

Are you a fan of Red Bull? I know that many people have strong feelings about Red Bull–whether it is bad for you, or it actually enhances your performance on the court or sports field.

I know that with my athlete daughter, who does not drink coffee, chugging a sugar-free Red Bull about 30 minutes before she heads out onto the basketball court, or strolls onto the lacrosse field helps her perform well in her sport. Is it just a placebo effect? Who knows. It works for her. Now granted, if she has two athletic events in a single day–you know, a two-a-day–she cannot drink two Red Bulls in the same day. That does upset her stomach. Nonetheless, the drink has become standard operating procedure before sporting events.

If you like Red Bull, and would like to snag some for free, check this out: you can get a Free Red Bull 4 pack just by uploading a picture of you and your friends doing something unique. You can get all the details by clicking through to the Freeflys site, which is offering this freebie deal. Good luck!

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