Free Twin XL Sheets Giveaway

August 11, 2009

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Great Giveaway If You’ve Got a College Student.

Bed, Bath and Beyond would like to send one Suddenly Frugal reader a free extra-long twin sheet set for his/her college student to take away to college. How do you enter? Post a comment here about one of the ways you scored freebies or acted frugally when you were in college–or if you’d a college student yourself, tell us the crazy things you do to save money. The funnier, the better.

I’ll be judging the most “entertaining” anecdote and deciding who wins. Please be sure to include your email address when you post a comment. Bed Bath and Beyond will ship the winner his/her sheets directly.

Keep in mind that this is a giveaway for TWIN X-LONG SHEETS, which fit most dorm beds. These are not regular twin-sized sheets so please don’t ask me if you can get another kind. Thank you and good luck.


8 Responses to Free Twin XL Sheets Giveaway

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  3. Jill F. on January 3, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    I learned to eat very simply and frugally and I bartered with other students for things I needed for my dorm room. Textbooks are a huge expense in college and I actually went to the bookstore and read them there!

  4. Katy-Nan on August 19, 2009 at 8:07 am

    My college savings were not an option,they were a blessing because without them I would have starved-I had to work and do school together and had very little time and almost no money. I spent any spare time studying in the library (OPEN 24 HRS) b/c that meant i was not paying for the A/C and if I dozed off with a science book on my lap no one woke me up! I let a few folks know I was available to house sit pets, homes or even kids and had many weekends stroking kittys or feeding PB&J to kids or sometimes even getting the best deal–a quiet house full of food just for keeping the place safe and ‘lived-in’! Almost all ‘sitting’ deals came with food–only once were the cupboards bare but even then I was paid for being there so it helped. Great to have a nice change of pace weekend and leaving full, rested, and with cash in hand! I learned something else too–you can extend the short sheets to long sheets by cutting near one end and stitching in a piece of college colored material to lengthen them. make a matching college pillowcase from about a yard of material and you have a personalized one-of-a-kind sheet set!

  5. Anya on August 14, 2009 at 1:00 am

    I’m a current college student and have definitely found ways to save money while at school!

    Frankly, it started before I even got to school. My family is not well-off, and my university is quite expensive. I did not receive a whole lot of financial aid, and I was offered an enormous amount from a rival school. I was in love with my first choice, and so I returned to admissions and told them that School #2 was giving me 4x as much money, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought they would help me find loans or something. To my surprise, they upped their financial aid for me! I ended up with nearly a full scholarship, just because they were so competitive with their rival university! It is funny, but I am also extremely grateful: I love my school more than any place in the world, and would not be there without this generosity.

    The undergraduate regulations clearly state that food may not be removed from the dining halls; thankfully, the place is so large (and the workers so apathetic) that this rule is largely ignored. At the beginning of my freshman year, my suitemates and I would fill our pockets with apples to keep around for snacks. Later, we graduated to full plates of whatever was for dinner that night (to be refrigerated and reheated), tupperware containers filled with salad greens (to be taken out if we had class/an activity during dining hall hours and didn’t want to have to resort to vending machines, restaurants, or cafes), and Nalgenes of PowerAde (for the gym!). This meant never having to go to the grocery store when I was in need of study-snacks or between-class pick-me-ups. I also am guilty of attending club meetings just for the food. The Asian Students Association serves pad thai on Sunday nights, and has bubble tea socials pretty frequently; the Jewish/Muslim Alliance serves (AMAZING) falafel; and many other clubs will serve pizza or ice cream. I used to feel guilty about this, until I realized that there’s a reason the clubs do it: I am now a member of the Jewish/Muslim Alliance, all because I had never had falafel! (It has also been one of my most meaningful involvements to date; although my family is technically Jewish, I had never even thought to explore that, but through this club, I have learned so much about my background, as well as the Muslim religion/culture.

    At the beginning of each year at my school, you get a book of coupons to local restaurants, stores, hair salons, etc. Some are only good for a dollar off here, a dollar off there, but some are pretty substantial: free haircuts, free books, 2-for-1 meals. Friends and I would pool our coupons and see who needed what. As an art history student, I took four coupons for a free book from a local museum’s bookstore, and stocked up on books I needed for my courses (I had to buy them individually, of course, and tried to get different cashiers each time)! When my parents came to town, I was able to “treat” them to – decently fancy – dinners using the 2-for-1s.

    Some of my money-savers are real only-in-college moments. After my freshman year was over, I had learned which parties to avoid – and most of those parties were at frats. Nevertheless, it became a bit of a bummer to have to pay for drinks at bars and things like that. As a girl, I never had to pay for drinks at the frat houses! So my friends and I reverted somewhat to our old habits; we would begin our nights at the frats for the free drinks, then head over to the REAL, fun places that we wanted to hang out for the night. I can honestly say that I did not pay for a single drink my entire junior year.

    Finally, I think another smart thing I did was to make some decently wealthy friends. Not only do I have frequent invitations to people’s beach homes (complete with doting parents who cook for me…), but I also find that they are slightly more… shall we say, lenient with their old belongings. Unlike yours truly, who uses everything until it can’t be used anymore, and scrimps and saves, I have friends who will decide that they just don’t like last year’s Marc Jacobs coat – at which point I try to make it obvious just how great I would look in the coat. You would be amazed at how much clothing I have gotten this way – as well as some dorm furniture (my freshman year roommate was going to dump a full IKEA room set, because her new apartment was “too big for it”).

    That was a very long reply, but living frugally is definitely the only way you CAN live in college! (And where else can you get away with using milk crates as bookshelves/bedside tables?)

  6. Clare on August 11, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I joined every club imaginable and put my email down on their listservs. I only went to meetings when free food was involved. A lot cheaper than a meal plan.

  7. Pat Curry on August 11, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    There are so many ways I saved money in college. Heaven forbid we buy anything new — or buy it at all, for that matter. I even had hand-me-down housing. When my brother went to college, my parents bought a single-wide trailer for him to live in. Since I started college the year he graduated, they just moved the trailer up the road from Tampa, Fla., where he went to school, to Gainesville, Fla., home of my alma mater, the University of Florida.
    We got free groceries from my roommate’s sister, who was a cashier at Winn-Dixie. She would give us the dented canned goods that they couldn’t sell in the store.
    For dinners out, we knew the schedule of every happy hour with a free buffet in town. And we never took a road trip without posting the dates and destination on the student union ride board to get people to share the cost of gas. Fortunately, I had a car that would carry six people. It came in very handy for driving to Ft. Lauderdale (330 miles each way) to see my boyfriend. I even made money on some of those trips!

  8. Dianne on August 11, 2009 at 7:29 am

    i found this place has really good sheets and their stuff is on sale too. i got these 1000 thread count twin xl sheets… they’re the best i ever owned!

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