Get Cash Back on Your Holiday Shopping: Ebates

December 18, 2012

Ebates Coupons & Cash Back

If you haven’t yet signed up for Ebates as the place to start all of your online shopping, maybe this will change your mind: I just earned $30 cash back on a single Christmas present I recently purchased.

Still not familiar with Ebates? It’s the online portal where you can start your online shopping for most stores, and then you’ll get cash back for a percentage of your purchase. Here is what I’ve written about Ebates in the past:

Most commonly I will shop through In the past few months I have purchased skincare products, shoes, and big-and-tall shirts for my husband via links on Thanks to those purchases I’ve had more than $50 deposited in my PayPal account as my cash back.

Actually, since writing that post in July, I’ve done more online shopping through Ebates. And as of today my total cash back in 2012 is $183.02–for purchases I was going to make anyway! And that doesn’t yet include the aforementioned $30 cash back, since Ebates deposits the cash back free money in your PayPal account quarterly and I received my last “payment” in November.

My only “complaint” about Ebates? Not every site where I like to shop online participates. For example, Zappos isn’t on there, and only certain categories of qualify for cash back.

I have included an Ebates widget at the top of this post to help you see current cash back offers and to make it easier to shop on the site.

Full disclosure: Ebates does share a little bit of money with me if you click through to the site and shop.


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