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July 18, 2012

I know how it is when you are living frugally–you rarely treat yourself to a night out at the movies or for a show, because you can’t justify the expense. I know that we tend to rent a movie on demand, and pop our popcorn at home for a cheap night of entertainment at home. If we do splurge on a movie, we’ll go for the matinee.

But what if you could find ways to get tickets on the cheap for those nights out?

When I started my Philly on the Cheap blog last year, I developed a relationship with Goldstar, a ticketing agency that allows you to purchase tickets to all kinds of events for up to 50% off. With some of the events that Goldstar represents, tickets are free. Yes, you heard me correctly–F-R-E-E!

Goldstar represents events in most major cities around the country, and signing up for the service is free. If you like to see live entertainment, you’ve got nothing to lose in signing up for Goldstar. Just click through this affiliate link here, or click on the boxes above or below.

Once you sign up and designate your zip code, Goldstar will put you on its email list, and let you know when cheap tickets are to be had near you. I get an email a couple of times a week for everything from small regional theater to comedy clubs to kids’ magic shows to Broadway theater tickets. For example, right now you can get tickets to the Tony Award-winning show on Broadway “Clybourne Park.” That show won Best Play, and you can find tickets for 40% what you would pay at the box office.

Like I said, if you love live entertainment, you’ve got nothing to lose in signing up for Goldstar.

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