Money Back Guarantee on Produce

June 6, 2013

fresh produceHow many times have you come home from food shopping, only to discover that the milk you’d purchased–and which hadn’t yet expired–smelled funny, or that the box of strawberries that looked fine under supermarket lighting actually were kind of moldy? Not only has this happened to me, but more than once I’ve gotten home and started slicing up watermelon to realize that the inside was actually rotted from the inside.

My supermarket doesn’t publicize a money back guarantee, but I’ve learned that if I package up that watermelon, strawberries or gallon of milk in a bag and go back to the store with my receipt, I’ll get my money refunded.

Sometimes I don’t want to deal with disgusting food and taking it back to the store, and I eat the loss. I know I shouldn’t, because it is my money after all, but when you’re busy and get your food shopping done at 10 p.m. and you arrive home after everyone has already gone to bed, well, a trip back to the grocery store for $5 doesn’t seem worth it.

While I don’t live near Walmart and rarely food shop there, I was intrigued to learn about Walmart’s new money back guarantee on produce. The store is calling it a 100 percent money back guarantee, and you don’t even need to produce (pun intended) the rotten produce or products you’re not happy with to get your money back. Just go to the store, with your receipt, point out the items you’d purchased that you want to invoke the guarantee, and Walmart will refund your money.

If customers are not completely satisfied with Walmart’s produce, they can bring back their receipt for a full refund. No questions asked and no need to bring back the produce.

“We are so sure our customers will be pleased with the fruits and vegetables they buy in our stores, they can receive a full refund if they aren’t completely happy,” says Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of the food business for Walmart U.S. in a recent press release.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, then you know that when it comes to¬†guarantees and lifetime warranties, I want to get the most bang for my buck. In fact, in the coming days I’ll be posting about another company I’ve discovered that offers a lifetime guarantee on its products and which just replaced, for free, an item that failed.

So what do you think about Walmart’s recent announcement about its 100% money back guarantee on produce? Would you take advantage of it, if you’re a Walmart shopper?

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