Refillable K Cup Redux: Save Money in 2014

December 7, 2013

Right now I’m working on a story for my weekly Parade column. This article happens to be on New Year’s resolutions that can save you money in 2014. And one “resolution” I made more than a year ago that I’m continuing to follow–and which continues to save me money–is brewing my coffee at home, in my Keurig, using a refillable k cup. (Of course, getting free coffee on National Coffee Day is also another way to save on coffee!)

I held off for so long buying a Keurig coffee brewer because I thought it just didn’t fit with my frugal mission. How could I possibly justify spending $.50 or more on a cup of home-brewed coffee, when coffee made in a “regular” brewer cost about eight cents? Of course, $.50 is still way cheaper than coffee out at close to $5, but still. Then someone told me about the refillable k cup, and I was hooked.

At that time (mid-2012) the only place I could find one was at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I got my little red refillable k cup for about $10, and it’s been great ever since. (I’ve got my freshly brewed Keurig cup of coffee sitting here with me as I type this post.)

You can also find a version on Amazon–EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod

Anyway, if you’ve got coffee lovers in your family for whom you may be buying a Keurig for Christmas–or you just did for Hanukkah–wouldn’t this Perfect Pod make a great additional gift, or a stocking stuffer? My daughter’s best friend took a Keurig with her to college when she left for her freshman year. I should tell her about this Cafe Cup–I think it would be perfect for a college student’s budget, or really any person or family looking to save money on the morning cup of Joe.

Speaking of which for that story on New Year’s resolutions that save money, it will be in Parade the first week of January. And brewing coffee at home could save you as much as $2,600 a year. Now that’s money well saved!

**UPDATE** Here’s a link to that Parade story!

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