Save Money on Coffee: Practicing What I Preach

May 8, 2013

Recently, a funny thing happened that reminded me that in many instances I really do practice what I preach here on the Suddenly Frugal blog. It has to do with my regular habit of brewing coffee at home, which, if you remember from my posts last summer, can help you to save money on coffee and put more than $100 back in your budget every month.

I was in New York for a work-related project, and my hotel room did not include an in-room coffee machine. So I stopped in at Panera Bread for breakfast each morning as well as for my morning coffee.

As I was preparing my coffee at the “condiments” bar, I noticed these plastic tabs available for the taking. They go in the little hole of your coffee topper so that you can walk with your cup of coffee and not have it spill all over your hand. You’ll see the picture here that I took of this new-to-me contraption.

At this point you’re probably saying, “Yeah, Leah, so what. These tabs have been around for a long time.”

Or at least that’s what my daughter, some Twitter followers and my Facebook fans told me after I posted the picture above to Instagram and shared it on other social networks.

See, to me, this was a new and amazing discovery for take out coffee, because it had been so long since I’ve gone out for coffee. Remember? Practice what I preach? I’ve been brewing my morning cup of coffee at home for so long that I totally missed out on this new trend of tabs to go in the coffee topper. I understand they have, in fact, been around at Starbucks for quite some time. But alas I had no idea.

So I guess this is just a quick way of saying that the advice I share here is legit and sincere, and the money-saving tips that I hope you take away are really how I practice the frugal living I preach here on Suddenly Frugal.

And speaking of saving money, here are coupons from one of my affiliate networks that can help you save money on different kinds of coffee to brew at home!

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One Response to Save Money on Coffee: Practicing What I Preach

  1. Frugal Nurse on May 10, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Ha ha I read this and can totally relate! I rarely go into Starbucks anymore (it’s crazy what they charge for a cup of coffee!), but when I do it’s always like the first time – everything seems new and interesting. I enjoy it for awhile, and then I’m happy making my own coffee for another 6 months.

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