Save Money on Movie Tickets

January 27, 2012

discount movie ticketsI know that one of the ways I’ve continued to live frugally is to be smart about how I see movies. If I go to a Regal Cinemas, I always bring my Regal Card, which helps me to earn free movie tickets. If I go to any movie, I always go early in the day so I can get the matinee price. In addition, I’ve saved money on movie tickets by using the coupons in my Entertainment Book. Or, our family will wait until the movie is on DVD, and either rent it from Redbox for $1 or get it On Demand from Comcast for about $5 (the benefit of the Comcast deal is that I don’t have to rush to “return” the movie the next day).

Now AMC Theaters is offering this terrific deal where you can save 30% on AMC movie tickets, through Goldstar, one of my affiliate programs. You buy the tickets now–you can purchase up to 8 of these movie bundles–and Goldstar will ship them to you starting on February 1st.

For $24 you’ll get:

  • two drink vouchers
  • two popcorn vouchers
  • two Gold Experience movie tickets

On a normal night the movie tickets alone will cost you upwards of $20, so add in the food, and this is truly a great deal. You can use these tickets at AMC theatres, AMC Loews, AMC Showplace, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star theatres, but not Canadian theaters (sorry readers who are my neighbors to the north!). Also, the tickets do not expire. Even though these are discounted tickets, you can use Gold Experience movie tickets at all showings, even special engagements (so says the AMC site.)

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