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January 3, 2013

I know that most college students are on winter break right now, but soon enough they will be heading back to campus–and the campus bookstore to stock up on college textbooks and other materials they need for their classes. I just found out about a new way to save on those college textbooks.

Right now has a deal on new, used, online, and rented textbooks. Here are those deals that showed up in my inbox today:

  • Up to 30% off new textbooks
  • Up to 90% off used textbooks
  • Up to 70% off rented textbooks
  • Up to 60% off e-textbooks

Also, is now part of the Ebates network, meaning if you start your college texbooks shopping via Ebates, you’ll earn four percent (4%) back on whatever you spend.

I realize Amazon isn’t the only player out there in the college textbook rental game. In a Good Housekeeping piece I wrote a few years ago, on summer savings for back to school, I mentioned renting college textbooks as a way to save on college costs and mentioned companies like Chegg and Bookrenter. Other companies renting textbooks at a savings include, which has a deal right now. If you enter code BLACKICE when you check out, you will receive $5 off orders over $95. It expires in March. Many of these companies also buy back textbooks you have purchased, putting more money in your pocket.


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