Staples Penny Deals 2013 Week of August 4

August 4, 2013

extreme cheapskateYeah! It’s another week and another round of Staples penny deals 2013. This week you’ll have the chance to stock up on loose leaf paper for your kids.

While there is only one bona fide penny deal at Staples for the week of August 4, 2013, if your school insists that its students use three-ring binders, well this deal is a keeper.

This week you can get a 120 sheet pack of Staples filler paper for only a penny. You can choose between wide ruled paper and college ruled paper. My daughters always preferred the college ruled, because the spaces are tinier. And from a value perspective, college ruled actually gives you more lines per 120 sheets. You can buy up to five packs of paper for one cent each.

Like many of the Staples penny deals 2013, you must make a minimum purchase of $5 to get this paper for a penny. But this week Staples has a freebie deal that can help you get close to that $5 minimum and get free pens in the process.

  • A five-pack of Pentel RSVP ballpoint pens costs $3.29.
  • Currently Staples is offer a $3.29 rebate on this pack of pens.
  • You are limited to one rebate per household.
  • Get the rebate and the pens are free and you’ve spent $3.29 towards the $5 minimum for the penny deal
  • That leaves you having to spend only $1.71 elsewhere in the store to make the $5 minimum.

If you don’t want to buy pens, you could easily meet the penny deal minimum threshold by taking advantage of another rebate deal this week.

  • Purchase a ream of Hammermill Copy Plus paper for $6.99
  • Put in for the Staples Easy Rebate for copy paper for $5.99
  • You’ll have spent $1 for copy paper and met the minimum spending for the penny deal.

Or if you need both copy paper and pens and filler paper, you could potentially buy all three and have spent only $1.05–assuming you buy the 5 maximum packs of filler paper.

Let me know how you manage to save with this week’s 2013 penny deals at Staples or other deals you’ve found on back to school shopping.

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