Staples Penny Deals Starting 8/26/12

August 26, 2012

Is this the last weekend for back-to-school sales at Staples? That’s what my friends and I were wondering this weekend.

Or will be lucky enough to get another round of penny deals with the Labor Day sales’ circulars? According to one couponing blog, there will be NO ads on Labor Day, so that couldn’t settle things once and for all.

Even so, unlike past summers with penny deals, Staples hasn’t yet offered folders for a penny. I wonder if they’re saving that for this last weekend of (unofficial) summer, and you’ll just have to stop into the store (versus seeing a flyer in your newspaper) to find out.

Nonetheless, like most weekends this summer, Staples is offering a handful of school supplies for a penny. This week there are a number of freebie items, too–free, that is, after rebate.

As always, you need to spend a minimum of $5 on something else before the penny deals kick in. Also, unless stated otherwise, you are limited to two of these deals per person/purchase.

For the week starting Sunday, August 26th, here are the best prices on school supplies at Staples:

FREE (after rebate)

  • Sharpie Accent highlighters 5 pack (limit 1)
  • BIC Round Stick Grip ballpoint pens, medium, black 12 pack (limit 1)
  • Avery NoteTabs (excludes Martha Stewart Home Office ) (limit 1)

  • Staples #2 yellow pencils 8 pack (limit 4)
  • Staples pink cap erasers 12 pack (limit 4)
  • Slider pencil box (limit 4)


  • BIC mechanical pencils 5 pack ($2.49)
  • Staples 12 inch see through plastic ruler (regularly $2)
  • Staples 8 1/2 X 11 writing pad (regularly $1.49)
  • Staples steel 1 hole punch (regularly $1.99)


  • Staples Stickies 1/2 inch page flags (regularly $3.29)
  • Staples writing pad (regularly$1.49 to $1.79)
  • Staples poly cover composition notebook or 1 subject spiral notebook (regularly $1.99)
  • Staples 5 X 8 writing pads (regularly $1.49)
  • Staples graph-ruled notebook (regularly $2.79)
  • Staples translucent pencil box
  • Staples 1 subject wireless notebook (regularly $2)
  • Staedtler compass or protractor (regularly $2 to $2.79)
  • Staples 100 pack of paper clips (regularly $1.99 to $2.99)

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2 Responses to Staples Penny Deals Starting 8/26/12

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  2. Shawanda on August 27, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    The penny deals you mentioned brought back childhood memories. My mother scored a penny deal of 200 count, note book paper when I was just starting middle school. I didn’t have to buy another pack of note book paper until I went to college. Too bad Staples limits the one cent sale to two items.

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