Stay Safe with Black Friday Shopping

November 26, 2013

black friday christmas shopping dealsDid you see my article in this past Sunday’s Parade Magazine? It was on page 11, under the headline “Attention, Shoppers!” There was also a callout to my online piece about 10 Black Friday freebies. Anyway, my “Attention, Shoppers!” story focused on budget strategies so you don’t end up broke after the holidays are over.

Some of that advice included hitting stores on Thanksgiving, if that doesn’t offend your sensibilities, because some experts believe the deals will be better on Thursday than Friday. I know, for example, that on Thanksgiving Day, CVS Extra Care members will be able to print out a coupon at the magic coupon machine, and then basically buy batteries for free. And who doesn’t need batteries at the holidays?

There are other considerations for Black Friday–or holiday shopping in general–and this includes staying safe if you do decide to venture out to the mall. In fact, the folks at say that the holiday shopping period is a time when your car can become a treasure trove for thieves., the premier resource for car shopping and automotive information, offers three basic tips to keep your car–and any valuables inside your car–safe and secure while you cross items off your shopping list:

  1. Keep Merchandise Out of Sight. For most car owners, it’s as simple as locking any new purchases in the trunk. Those with hatchbacks and SUVs will want to use a cargo cover. It’s also safe and convenient to store smaller items in the glove box or the center console.
  2. Drop Off Items at Home. If you’ve purchased a big-ticket item or if you’ve completed a big shopping trip and need to go somewhere else, make a detour home to drop off your purchases. A few minutes of your time could save you lots of holiday disappointment.
  3. Use Valet Keys and Valet Mode. If you don’t already carry a valet key with you, this is the season to start. Whether you’re valet parking at a mall for convenience or having dinner after shopping, this key will keep a prying valet or a larcenous passerby from getting into the trunk of the car. If you want to keep your infotainment data private, a number of newer models offer a valet mode, which locks the screen until a pin code is entered.

I hope these tips help you keep your purchases safe during the holiday shopping season.

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