Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

July 9, 2013

summer fun smtToday I’m doing a sponsored satellite media tour with summer fun ideas for kids. This includes radio and TV interviews at stations, coast to coast, from a studio in New York City, to share my ideas. I have partnered with Mattel and PetSmart to provide these tips. Here are some of what I’ll be discussing.

One of the best ways to beat the heat during the summer–or even find entertainment on rainy days–is to head to the movies. There are two movies out this month that tie in perfectly with the summer fun ideas for kids that I’ll be sharing today.

On July 17th, the Dreamworks Animation film “Turbo” comes out. It’s about an ordinary garden snail who dreams of being the fastest snail on earth, and his dream comes true. Mattel is bringing the on-screen action to life with “snail-scale products”–Turbo Shell Racers and two speedy play sets, the Zip Line Stunt Race and the Ring of Fire. These will help kids to act out their favorite scenes from the movie at home, in an affordable and fun way.

Another way to keep kids active is to take advantage of the free fun I wrote about on last week–the kids bowl free and kids skate free programs. (Have you signed up the kiddies yet?)

Do you have a dog at home? You can have some fun with your pets by dressing them up as your favorite superhero, thanks to PetSmart’s unique and exclusive pet products from Marvel and DC Comics, tied into this summer’s hit move “Man of Steel.” Both clothing and toys are on sale right now. PetSmart has cute costumes that make me think that if the guys on the “Big Bang Theory” had a dog, they would totally dress him up as one of the members of the Justice League and enter him in the costume contest at the comic book store! I’ve been a fan of PetSmart since shopping there the first day we adopted our dog. Many of the toys we got for Buffy back in 2002 are still in circulation in our house today!

Finally, Kaley over at Cha-Ching on a Shoestring has a terrific roundup of free summer reading programs where you kids can earn free books or even $10 for their bank account!


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