Top Blog Posts of 2013: Number 7

December 25, 2013

best of suddenly frugalMerry Christmas to my readers who celebrate Christmas.

Today is Day 4 of Top 10 countdown of the top blog posts from Suddenly Frugal for 2013. We are up to the 7th most popular post for the year.

These are the posts that I wrote and posted in 2013 and which you, the readers, tended to click on, visit and read the most. I can tell this by looking at my blog’s stats.

I have narrowed this list of top blog posts for 2013 to the posts that are still relevant and which include information that you may find helpful and of interest as 2013 winds down and we gear up for 2014.

So here is Number 7 of the Top Blog Posts of 2013 from Suddenly Frugal:

365 Frugality Tips: Use Your Crock Pot Slow Cooker

January 13, 2013


Day 13: Year of Renewed Frugality

It didn’t take me long back in 2010 to understand the inherent frugality tips of using a Crock Pot slow cooker to get dinner on the table and save money in the process. That’s because back in 2010 we were renovating our kitchen, and for months I had to cook dinner without the use of a traditional kitchen.

I guess back in our old spendthrift days I would have just resigned myself to the fact that no kitchen=lots of take out. But that would have been too expensive in our suddenly frugal days, and the thought of all of that wasted money makes my stomach turn–still does.

In order to survive without a kitchen, I had to get creative with the tools I already owned. So my Crock Pot slow cooker, rice cooker, George Foreman grill, microwave and grill went into heavy rotation, and I used at least one of them every night to make dinner–again, even without a functioning kitchen. (I did have running water to work with.)
While you may not have such drastic circumstances to deal with, I think taking today’s frugality tips to heart about the importance of your Crock Pot slow cooker are key. Because I’ve found that even in everyday circumstances, a slow cooker can be a lifesaver.

I’ve found that cheaper cuts of meat cook up better when slow cooked, if you’re entertaining a large group a Crock Pot can double as a chafing dish to keep food warm and make it easy to serve, and if you are a busy working parent you can throw that night’s dinner into your Crock Pot slow cooker before your leave for work and then arrive home to dinner cooked and ready.

I know that my Suddenly Frugal readers enjoy Crock Pot slow cooker cooking because some of the posts I’ve written over the years have continued to be the most read. These include:

Today, I’m going to have one of those “clean out the fridge and freezer” moments so I can take inventory and figure out what I can use in the Crock Pot slow cooker for dinner. If only there was an app that could help me do that–slow cooker style–as opposed to my winging it and seeing how it goes.

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