Vistaprint Great Deal on Custom Holiday Cards

December 4, 2012

Did you find time over the Thanksgiving holiday to get your family together for your annual family picture–you know, the one you have printed on your holiday cards or which you enclose with your annual family letter? Our family did, and for once no one complained about he or she looked.

With my picture ready to go, I’ve been waiting for a great deal on custom holiday cards to come along, and I think this is it: now through December 8th, you can order 50 custom holiday cards from Vistaprint, and pay only $15–including shipping.

Considering I order these kinds of cards each year, I know this is a good deal and the one I will be using with my holiday cards. My only quandary? Which card to pick. Vistaprint is offering 50 stylishly designed, totally customizable folded and flat holiday cards. That’s a lot of designs to choose from! I usually go with the flat photo card, but I’m thinking this year I might go with the folded kind. I don’t know. Which kind of holiday card do you prefer?

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